When did you start recording music?
When I was about 3 years old, on a little cassette recorder with a microphone attached. But real songs, covers, when I was around 13 years old. I got my deal, though, when I was 16 years old.

Have you always liked to sing?
Yeah, I used to sing along while my dad played the guitar. I always loved to sing songs and pretend that I was either Madonna or Janis Joplin.

You've been in other groups. Do you like singing solo better?
When I was first signed, I was in a group called Choice, but we each wanted different types of music. I love being a solo artist as I can sing whatever I want.

Who have you most enjoyed working with?
*NSYNC was really cool. I had great fun with them while on tour.

Why Pink? What's special about that color to you?
Well, Pink was my nickname when I was younger and it just really stuck with me. The color to me is very feminine, but very strong, which people say kinda fits me.

What is life on the road like?
Both good and bad. I love going to different places, you get to meet sooo many cool and different people; but when you spend so much time away from home like that, you forget where you live and what your family looks like.

Who has been most inspirational to your career?
My dad.

How are you different from other female vocalists?
Well, I'm Pink for a start. I think we are different- from Madonna to Janet Jackson to Pink to Britney-all very different. Don't you think?

If you ever change your hair color, will you change your name?
No, the name came first. I have had blonde hair, blue hair, and black hair-but I'm always called Pink.

Where do you get the ideas for the songs you write?
From real-life experiences. I think the best songs are the ones everyone can relate to.

What kind of things do you do in your free time?
I don't get much free time. When I can, though, I read, or just write new ideas for songs.

What is the difference between performing on stage and in the studio?
The studio is so technical, so manufactured. On stage, that is where you can really let go, and really connect with the fans at the concert.

Are you sending anyone special a valentine this year?
Yes, but I cannot tell you who!

What is your advice to kids who want to get into the music business?
Remember that it is a business, and hold on to your true friends.