Interview Transcript

Why Pinkís album is call Missundaztood:

Pink: Itís the name of one of my songs and, I just, its always been a joke with me that Iím misunderstood because Iím just way to honest and its an easy copout, but I donít think anybodyís really that understood. We understand ourselves somewhat, but Iím definitely misunderstood. I always say the wrong thing.

On honesty:

Iíll never be a faker, but I donít know, I guess fake people are misunderstood too cause they donít even understand what theyíre saying but (laughs) I didnít mean that in a derogatory way, I just mean like, my dad raised me, heís a smart-ass, so am I. Heís sarcastic, so I donít know. Its hard to explain. But it makes perfect sense.

The importance of staying real:

Pink: I watched a lot of people come up and go down and act a lot different on their way down and not understand why people didnít wanna help them out, but yeah, Iíve always been like a, I was raised as a realist, not an optimist or a pessimist, just shoot straight through and I forget the question (laughs).

How Pinkís attitude is reflected in her music:

Pink: I think, yeah, my lyrics are very real and raw and true to life and thatís why I was dubbed a man hater, cause There You Go was, I wrote it and I was pretty upset and I think I had every right to be and so does he and I donít know, I guess the truth hurts. So yeah, I definitely like to tell the truth (laughs).

How Pink got her name:

Pink: Pink has become more than I ever wanted it to be. It was a stupid little nickname that I was given when I was about 13 or 14 by my friend because Iím always a tomboy, Iím always the only girl in the whole clique and when I get embarrassed, like it was a mission for my friends to try and embarrass me because I never get embarrassed , like Iím so out, thereís no shame in my game, so it was like their big mission in life in junior high school to embarrass me and they did and I turn bright Pink when I get embarrassed and there goes the name. So it was just my nickname like Junior or Shorty or something like that and so then all of a sudden I was like let me be really corny and dye my hair pink to match my name and then I liked it and Iím like aw shucks what do I do now? Now Iím really cheesy but Iím just gonna go with it, so I kept the pink hair for like 4 or 5 years and now its just like this big thing. I donít know, but Iím all about music and thatís why I do it. I like to have fun plus I wanted to make pink a strong color because like the whole baby thing, itís a boy, itís a girl, blue, pink. So blue is automatically the strong color. Well pink can be a strong color too. So its kind of ironic in all those sorts of ways.

On being strong:

Pink: It has its advantages and disadvantages. If youíre a strong woman youíre a bitch. If youíre a woman with an opinion then you have an attitude problem. It got me kicked out of everything Iíve ever wanted to do like gymnastics and Sunday school and things like that and Brownies, never made it to Girl Scouts, but at the same time it works now because I mean I canít stand a pushover. I am a pushover to a certain extent, thatís why I probably canít stand it. I have a very tough exterior and a very oatmealy mushy inside so, but yeah, I think strength is definitely important. Itís a shame that what I said is true, that if youíre a young girl or a young woman and you know what you want, you tend to be looked at as belligerent or aggressive or things of that nature, but Iím tryin to change all that.

Pinkís fears:

Pink: Iím afraid of being alone. Iím afraid of not being funny (laughs). Like if I canít laugh at a situation then I get scared, but really, Iím afraid of spiders. I can deal with cockroaches, rats - I had 2 pet rats, I had 2 pet mice. I have arachnophobia. Iím afraid of sharks. I wonít go in the water. I went to Florida, my brother used to live in Daytona Beach and he went to flight school down there and he used to tell me that like all the surfers would be jumping over sharks to get to the waves and Iím like, hold on, lets put this all into perspective for a second. Why the hell are you guys battling sharks to get to waves. I donít know, Iím very afraid of big animals with big teeth.

Pinkís message:

Just let go! Donít take life so seriously. Have fun. Life is just very short and very precious and I think people take things to seriously, which is another reason why I think I am misunderstood, because people take me way to seriously. If I took myself as seriously as other people did Iíd be in big trouble and I was like a lost kid, a lost teenager, I think a lot of us were and my biggest thing was I looked up to the Madonnaís and the Janis Joplinís who were the strong independent figures who could get through anything and I try not to hide my past, you know everybody else around me tries to hide my past, but I try not to. I try to always be truthful about it because I mean Iíve buried 6 of my friends from overdoses and driving drunk and reality things that people donít like to talk about and like to ignore and my thing is Iíd rather talk about it and let everyone know I made it through that and now Iím here and I can talk about it and I can know that like when people come up to me ďDid you hear about the new drug X-tacyĒ and Iím thinking to myself like yeah about 10 years ago and its not cool at all. Itís cool like maybe the first 3 times. Its not cool and thatís the kind of message I wanna get across. That girls donít have to be dependent upon people and basically the struggles I went through I want to share, maybe throw some light on the situation, cause thereís a lot of girls out there that like really think they have to do a certain thing to be accepted, even guys, like the whole peer pressure clique thing. Like you have to be a bully to be cool, you have to smoke to be cool, you have to do drugs if you wanna hang out with these people, you have to have sex if you want the guy. I mean all these things that are totally not true. You can totally have your own crap. You can have your own life and not even have to worry about that stuff. All those things and I try to just write in my lyrics just stuff that has pissed me off or will piss someone off just to make the point. I love to make points.

On self expression:

Poetry and music. Definitely my medicine cause if I like, if I read my poetry from when I was 12 or 13 it really scares me. It scared my mom too. She wanted to send me away when she found it. But yeah, umm, just the expression, self expression is my medicine and thatís through my music and my poetry. If I kept it all in here I would go crazy and I would hurt someone by the things I would say, so Iíd rather just write emí down in paper, but I had to stop doin that too because people steal my journals. This girl in high school stole my journal and posted up all the papers up on the lockers and I walked in school and was reading my poetry all over the school, so that kinda scares me.

On the importance of writing and self producing:

If you just want to be an entertainer and you want to be a rock star and you donít really know what you want then definitely let other people write for you, but if you have a vision to get across and your old school then you have to definitely write your own stuff. Like at first people were shoving music down my throat and I was like OK Iím a puppet, pull my strings and I know Iím not expressing myself if I donít feel that fire, how can I give someone else that fire if I donít feel it inside me. So I have so much to say, yeah, it might not be the right thing to say, but I wanna say it. I have to speak for myself and as far as the video, casting, the artwork, everything, Iím completely hands on. You have to be if you want your point to get across cause people will feed you and feed you and make you the prettiest puppet, I do be the prettiest puppet, I just wonít be it (laughs).

How she met Steven Tyler, who worked on her new album:

Steven Tyler is my hero. More so after I met him then before, same with Linda Perry umm I was at Y100 which is this radio station in New York and I went up, I knew Aerosmith was performing along with the rest of us teeny boppers and I was like ďOh my god, I donít care what I have to do, if I have to beat up security or sneak through the back, I have to meet Steven Tyler.Ē So I ran up to him, he was out there taking pictures on his way to the stage and I just went ďSteven. I love you, Amazing, (sings) oh oh its amazing, your amazing and I love your voice and didadidadi. I just completely through myself at him. I was like heís either going to hate me and tell security to drag me away or heís gonna love me and he looked at me and was like ďYou remind me of Janis JoplinĒ and after that I was sold. For him to look into my eyes and just see who I loved, it just, it meant a lot to me, and after that we just clicked. Heís the wittiest, most charismatic, he says the funniest stuff. If I could have him do my interviews I would cause heís so funny. He told me heís gonna teach me in a year what it took him to learn in 30 so heís been a big support system for me and I thank god for it. I thank god for it because his mind, heís been there, heís been there in every sense of the word. So yeah, and I just keep seeing him and seeing him and seeing him and I kept harassing him and at the NíSync show, I opened for NíSync last year and I knew he was there with his family and I was like let me get him with his daughter so heíll like me and his daughter already had my CD so and umm I just kept harassing him and harassing him and then finally I was like, so when do I get to go on stage with you, and at Wango Tango he pulled me up and we did Walk This Way together and I was just, I didnít even know the words, I was just na na na na walk this way. I had so much fun and it was, it was just rocked out and then after that we were like lets do a song, come on please, and it just happened, and he was totally for it.

How Pink relaxes:

I play with my puppy. Iím very like, I think probably, I read in an article one time that if they had to guess, Iím the biggest party animal in the world, and that is so opposite. Like I was done clubbing, I was clubbed out by the time I was 16. Done. Like I was the ultimate candy raver and I just couldnít do it anymore. I make it a Blockbuster night. Me and Fredo. Thatís it. I live by the beach. I play pool. I have a pool table in my house and I like to hang out with my friends, thatís it. Iím a normal, normal girl. Yes, I can party, thatís like once every 2 months.

On Hollywood:

Iím scared of Hollywood. I donít fit in at all. Iíve always been an outcast, but Iím really like an alien here. Soon as I moved to L.A. I definitely felt like I was from outer space. Yeah, Itís a crazy place.

How Pink wants to be remembered:

I want them to be like ďThat chick was wild, she was awesome, she told the truth.Ē Yeah, I just wanna be an inspiration, like Janis was for me. Iíll pick up a Janis CD and be like, that chick rocked, she went through so much and she came out, well she didnít really come out, but she still went through a lot and sheís just inspiring. She had that fire and I want people to be inspired by the passion. Just totally, or they can be like that girl sucked. Just anything, I donít care if they hate me or love me, just if I can promote an emotion in someone, I donít care what it is, I just want to get in their skin and whether its good or badÖ