Pop singer Pink came in this morning to hang out and play the Mike Walker Gossip Game with Howard. Howard has been talking about how much he likes Pink's new song ''Get the Party Started'' and the video they show on MTV all the time. Howard ended up spending an hour with Pink talking to her about everything from her childhood to her boyfriend. He made fun of the way she talks like a ''wigger'' too. Artie Lange was getting into it too. He was trying to talk to her the same way she talks but Pink didn't understand some of the stuff her was saying.

Howard said he saw the Pink ''Diary'' on MTV and thought that her childhood was pretty messed up. Howard spent some time on that subject and found out her father was a Viet Nam Vet. Her parents broke up when she was 7 or 8. She lived with her mother for a while but she was always in trouble.

Howard said Gary thought Pink was a lesbian but she said she's not. She told Howard she once played a game of spin the bottle and she kissed Christina Aguilera but that was it. She has a boyfriend now who's a Freestyle Motocross dude by the name of Carey Hart. She didn't want to give out his whole name but once she gave a couple of details Stuttering John did some research and found out his full name. All of the guys made fun of her dating motocross rider for a while.

Howard got Mike Walker on the phone to play the game but something else came up that was more interesting to him. He'd asked Pink how long it takes for a guy to get in her pants. She told him it takes a long time and it could be 6 or 7 months before the guy gets sex. Howard ended up talking to her about that for a while and found out that Carey hasn't gotten any yet. Howard asked her if she at least gives the guy oral but she wouldn't give an answer to that question. She said that she doesn't like to get really emotional, like she does when she's having sex, until she really gets to know a guy. Howard told her that's like torture for a guy. She said she'll even sleep with the guy and not have sex with him. She said some guys can do that without wanting sex. Howard told her no guy can do that, it's just no possible.

After a really long interview Howard moved on to play the game so here's how it goes... Each week Mike Walker calls in with four gossip stories. Three of the stories are from his National Enquirer gossip column. One of the stories is false. Everyone tries to pick out the false story. The stories will appear in Mike's gossip column each week after he plays with Howard. Here are this week's stories:

Kelsey Grammer was attacked by a parrot that he was posing for a picture with. The parrot bit him on the nose so Kelsey walked off without saying anything to the fan who asked him to pose.

George Clooney is setting his motorcycling buddies up with some chocolate bon-bons that are made from molds taken from real cadavers. His candy will be from molds of gnarly wounds from deceased motorcyclists.

Brad Pitt used to work in a chicken outfit when he was an out of work actor. So when he saw a guy doing that on the side of the road he pulled over and gave the guy a $100 tip.

John Lovitz got himself in hot water with his date when he passed a note asking out another woman while his date was in the bathroom.

Pink and Artie both picked number 3 as the false story. Howard, Robin and Fred all went with number 1. The actual false story was number two so there were no winners today.

After the game Howard spent a couple more minutes talking to Pink before wrapping up the very long interview. Pink's new album ''Missundaztood'' is available now.